Articles - Ms. Wells' Book

A six-year-old student gave me this adorable book as a birthday present.
I thought I would share it with you.


Mr. Levitz and the New Paltz Karate Academy
By Riley Wells


"I like when the instructors help me!" Notice the weapons in the background: the bo staffs, the sai.


I feel proud of myself." Ms. Wells was tested for White Belt II. Notice the yellow tape on her belt- Ms. Wells is proud of passing her first karate test.


I didn't think I could touch the ceiling." I told my karate class to reach up high and touch the ceiling. Ms. Wells told me she can't. I told her, "Can't is a four-letter word." Notice the heavyweight bag and the blue mats, common sights in the New Paltz Karate Academy.


"But Mr. Levitz helped me!" Mr. Levitz, in the black karate uniform (gi), stands on a stack of folded blue mats and holds Ms. Wells high enough to touch the ceiling! More bo staffs are in the background, boards with our the names of our karate forms (kata), and pictures of famous karate masters in our lineage are here too. All of these things can be found within the dojo. What an observant little karate student Ms. Wells is!


"When I am a teenager I will be a Junior Black Belt and help kids." In our dojo, students who start at young ages can make Junior Black belt when they're 13, but have to wait until at least 16 for a full black belt. Notice the other children, a white belt, yellow belt, and even an orange belt. Look at how detailed the parents sitting in the background are: Some have children, some are reading, knitting, and on laptops. Clearly Ms. Wells doesn't miss a thing!

I hope her wish comes true.

Mr. Levitz